Missouri Safe Cribs eligibility and guidelines

Safe Cribs for Missouri- Eligibility and Guidelines

1. Clients who request a crib must be eligible for WIC, Missouri Medicaid, or have an income level that is less than 185% of the federal poverty level.

2. Client must be at least 35 weeks gestation or post-partum.

3. If post partum, the infant should be less than 3 months old. 

4. Client must be a Missouri resident.

5. This program is the provider of last resort for clients who have no full size or portable crib and no other resources for obtaining one. 

6. Current quantity limit is five cribs per Local Public Health Agency (LPHA) per calendar month, and one crib per family (except in the case of twins). 

7. Each client will participate in two individual safe sleep educational sessions provided by LPHA, following provided by the LPHA, following the 2011 American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment:

                       a: The first session is for initial assessment and education before the client receives the crib.                                        It may take place in the office or in the home. 

                       b: The second session is a follow-up home visit to assess the use of the crib and safe sleep                                          practices.

8. If a client has been contacted to pick up the crib and has not responded after three contacts, the crib may be reassigned to the next eligible client.

9. If a client does not respond after three contacts for the follow-up home visit, they can be considered lost to follow -up. If the client participates in WIC, the follow-up session should be provided during her next visit to the WIC office. This office visit is not reimbursable, but does provide important follow-up for clients who cannot be reached for a home visit.

10. Cribs will only be provided in counties where there is no other crib program, such as those funded by       community grants through the Children's Trust Fund.

11. Cribs will only be provided to parents who do not have a full size or portable crib for their infant. The program is not intended to supplement cribs already in the home. Parents who have a safety concern about their current crib should follow Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations at www.cpsc.gov.

For additional information about the Safe Cribs for Missouri Program, please contact us at 573-683-2191


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