Day Care Inspections

Annual sanitation inspections have been conducted in all regulated child care facilities since October of 1997. County health agency personnel are contracted to conduct the sanitation inspections.  Annual sanitation inspections are conducted to protect children in and out of home care from environmental hazards such as exposure to disease, harmful chemicals and lead hazards.

If you care for more than four children not *related to you, the state requires that you be licensed.

Licensed Child Care

Family Home

A licensed child care program where care is   offered by a licensed child care provider for no more than ten children, not *related to the provider.

Group Home

A licensed child care program where care is   offered by a licensed child care provider for no more than 20 children, not *related to the caregiver, in a location separate from the provider's   living quarters.

Child Care Centers

A licensed child care program where   care is offered by a licensed child care provider for more than 20 children in a   location other than the provider's residence.

License-Exempt Child Care

By state law, certain programs are exempt from licensure, but are required to   be regulated. These include:

Child care programs that are under the exclusive control of a religious   organization.Any nursery school program for preschool children that operates no more than   four (4) hours per child per day.

If you have any questions regarding the regulation of Child Care Facilities, please contact the Mississippi County Health Department by email or phone at (573)683-2191 or (573)649-5502 please ask for Environemental.

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